Why your newborn session should be done in the first 25 days of life

Why your newborn session should be done in the first 25 days of life

The birth of your newborn is a wonderful moment to capture with pictures, something that you can cherish forever and share with all you family and friends.  To ensure the best possible pictures of your infant please consider the following.

One of the most endearing things about your newborn photos is how your baby is curled into those precious positions and poses, as cute as they are there is actually a good reason for it.  Your baby is still used to being curled up in the womb, having the photographs taken in the first 25 days will ensure that they safely and comfortably sit in the correct pose for the newborn photographer.

Sleep! As a new mother you probably wish you could get more of it right now, and that is exactly what your newborn is doing.  They are taking advantage of every possible minute to sleep as much as they can. There is a good reason for this, the brain is rapidly developing and growing aided by sleep.  In the first week an infant can sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. This handy guide by Pampers shows the typical sleeping times for your infant.  This too allows for a great newborn session when baby is sleeping and quiet.

Newborn infant sleeping

They grow up way to fast!  This might seem obvious but the first month of life will fly by before you know it.  Visits from family, trips to the doctor, and lots of feedings and before you know it they look like a completely different person.  The reality is that they are, they don't call them newborns for nothing! Scheduling your newborn photography photo session in the first 25 days will ensure that the newness, cuteness and preciousness of your infant will be captured forever.

Not all photographers will take your newborn pictures as late as 25 days.  Unfortunately most photographers will only photograph your baby up to 14 days after birth.  Most photographers do this to ensure the infant is easier to work with. Luckily Megan, at Megan Matula Photography is very experienced and knowledgeable, this allows her to extend the sessions past the 14 day mark, up to 25 days.  This allows for more flexibility with you and your babies schedule.

In conclusion Megan of Megan Matula Photography is very experienced as a photographer and NICU nurse.  She has photographed over 200 newborns and counting.  In addition her over 10 years of experience as a NICU nurse allow her to take wonderful newborn photos up to 25 days after birth that look amazing.

If your newborn is under 2 days old and you are interested in booking a newborn session please click here, or call 281.515.8458.